A-select Doors A-select Doors

ウルグアイ-Dark Green Uruguay Dark Green

清永 安雄 Yasuo Kiyonaga

写真のサイズ / フレーム / 数量を選択 Choose the size / frame / amount of the photograph

Print Size
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm) A4 (210 x 297mm) (8.3 x 11.7 inch)
  • 2L (127 x 178 mm) 2L (127 x 178 mm)(5 x 7 inch)
  • フレームなし : マットのみ No Frame
¥2,800~5,800 (tax-included)(税込)
商品番号: Product number:
数量 Quantity




“A-select” is a simple package of a picture mount called a mat and a photograph.This is recommended for customers purchasing photographs for the first time and also for gifts.
Colonia del Sacramento, it is a former capital city in Uruguay and it flourished as a trading port of Portugal. The photographer shot houses and doors here that have been painted many times in various colors by the sensibility of the inhabitants.

Work Spec

写真 Photograph 清永 安雄 Yasuo Kiyonaga
制作年 The production year 2012年 2012
技法 Technique デジタルピグメントプリント Digital pigment print
エディション Edition open open
額仕様 Frame spec フレームなし : マットのみ
No Frame
カラー Color カラー Color



Please note that the print size can be slightly changed according to the photographers’ intentions.