Posted : 2017.06.22

清永安雄 写真展 「古鎮残照」 Yasuo Kiyonaga “Afterglow of Ancient Towns”

© Yasuo Kiyonaga
2017年5月19日(金)~7月12日(水) ※無休
ジャパネスク 2F「花」
Exhibition Schedule
Kyoto From Fri., May 19 2017-Wed.,Jul 12 2017 ※open everyday
Artisan Japanesque 2F "Hana"
11:00~18:30(Lastday18:00)/No Admission charge
Yasuo Kiyonaga

アルティザンでは、清永安雄 写真展 「古鎮残照」を5月19日(金)から7月12日(水)まで、ジャパネスク 2F「花」にて開催いたします。

14世紀の町並みがそのまま 残る城壁都市や運河沿いに古い木造建築が並ぶ水郷など、そこだけ時間がとまっているかのようだ。そこに生きる人々の暮らしもまた、昔そのままのように見えた。
シャッターを押すたびに、切り取られたその映像は、数百年の歴史を遡って過去の町の風景に 戻っていった。町は「昔」を繰り返しながら生きているようだった。


清永安雄/Yasuo Kiyonaga


公益社団法人日本写真家協会会員 (JPS)、公益社団法人日本写真協会会員(PSJ)、フォトギャラリー・アルティザン主幹。

『パリスケッチ』『美しい日本のふるさと シリーズ』『樹々変化』『古鎮残照』『レスリー レスリー・チャンのすべて』他、写真集を多数発行。

“Afterglow of Ancient Towns” photo exhibition of Yasuo Kiyonaga is held at Artisan Japanesque 2F”Hana" from 5/19 Fri to 7/12 Wed.

Beautiful medieval landscapes are spread out at ancient towns scattered around China.
Looking at the walled towns where the streets of the 14th century remains intact, and the riverside towns where old wooden houses lined along the canal, it seemed that time is stopping there.
The life of the people living there also seemed to be unchanged since the olden time.

Every time I pressed the shutter, the cut-out image seemed to extend back to the landscape of the unspoiled town with tracing the history of several centuries.
The town seemed to live while repeating the same “old days".

In modern China where development is rapidly progressing, the scenery is gradually lost.
Before the everything is lost, I captured the good old ancient town on camera.

Artist Profile

Yasuo Kiyonaga

Born in Kagawa, Japan, in 1948

Member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)and the Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ) Principal of Photo Gallery Artisan

Has published many photography books such as “Paris Sketch”, “Japanese Beautiful Landscapes”, “Spirit of Forest”, “Afterglow of Ancient Towns”, “Leslie” among others.

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