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きつのえいじ 写真展「雪月花 和の心」 Eiji Kitsuno “Setsu Getsu Ka”

© Eiji Kitsuno
2018年9月11日(火)から9月17日(月) ※無休
ギャラリー・ジャパネスク 1F「月」
きつの えいじ
Exhibition Schedule
From Tue., Sep 11 to Mon., Sep 17 2018. ※open everyday
Japanesque 1F “Tsuki”
11:00~18:30(Lastday〜13:00)/No Admission charge
Eiji Kitsuno

京都写真美術館 ギャラリー・ジャパネスクでは1階展示室「月」にて、きつのえいじ 写真展「雪月花 和の心」を9月11日(火)~9月17日(月)まで開催いたします。

今回の作品展は、「雪・月・花」という和を代表するキーワードをテーマに、日本の「自然の樹木、滝、山などには神が宿りその背景に真理がある」といった、自然観(THE JAPANESE CONCEPT OF NATURE)をイメージし、日本画に観るような空気感や色彩、構図などを意識して制作いたしました。

きつの えいじ
■ 略歴
1954.6    山口県小野田市に生まれる
1977.3   九州産業大学芸術学部写真学科卒業
     在学中は宗正弘教授 (イリノイ工科大学大学院
     インスティテュート・オブ・デザイン写真専攻 修士課程修了)に師事
1977.4   (株)トッパンアイデアセンター福岡写真部 
1984.6   スタジオサラ設立
1992.9~1994.3 九州産業大学芸術学部非常勤講師
1993.9~2016.3 九州造形短期大学非常勤講師
現 在    福岡女学院大学非常勤講師

■ 主な個展
1987.12   福岡県立美術館 「光の造形」展
1999.11   銀座ART BOXギャラリー 「森と水の情景」展
2009.1   九州国立博物館 「命の森」展
2013.4    福岡 アートスペース貘 「ポートレート ~肖像写真・肖像画~」展
2014.12   キヤノンギャラリー銀座「命の森」展
2015.1   キヤノンギャラリー大阪「命の森」展
2015.2   キヤノンギャラリー福岡「命の森」展
2018.7   韓国 ソウル~大田~釜山 万葉集写真展

“Setsu Getsu Ka” photo exhibition of Eiji Kitsuno is held at KYOTO MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY Gallery Japanesque 1F“Tsuki” From Tue., September 11 to Mon., September 17 2018.

The theme of this exhibition is “Yuki, Tsuki, Hana (Snow, Moon, Flower)” which is representative of “Wa”.
In the Japanese concept of nature, it is believed that God dwells in natural trees, waterfalls, mountains, and so on, and that there is a truth on the background of it. Based on this concept, I made artworks with the aerial feeling, the color, and the composition used in the Japanese painting.
In this exhibition, all artworks was printed with Japanese paper, the paint of Japanese painting was used in some of artworks, and frames of some artworks is made like “Kakejiku” which is a kind of the Japanese painting.

【Artist Profile】

Eiji Kitsuno

1954.6   Born in Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

1973.3  Graduated from Yamaguchi Prefectural ONODA Senior High School.

1977.3  Graduated from Department of Photography, School of Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University.

      Studied under Prof. So Masahiro (Majored in Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School 

      Institute of Design, got a master's degree from Tokyo University).

      Studied the education of New Bauhaus.

1977.4  Department of Photograph, Toppan Idea Center Fukuoka.  

1984.6  Established Studio SALA.

1992.9~1994.3  A part‐time teacher of School of Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University.

1993.9~2016.3  A part‐time teacher of Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design.

At Present
A part‐time teacher of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University

A part‐time teacher of Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture.

A official member of Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association

      ■ Solo Exhibition

1987.12  “Light Transfigured” Exhibition at Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

1993.4  “Headwaters” Exhibition at Gallery Mochimaru・“Train ‘Yufuin-no-Mori’” Gallery

1999.11  “Scene of Forest and Water” Exhibition at ART BOX GALLERY 

2001.6  “Scene of Forest and Water” Exhibition at ACROSS Fukuoka Message Foyer

2002.1  “Scene for Healing” Exhibition at IZUTSUYA

2008.7  “Forest of Life” Exhibition at Gallery Oishi, Fukuoka City

2009.1  “Scene for Healing” Exhibition at Kyushu National Museum

2010.8  “Scene for Healing” Exhibition at Nagoya Gallery Baku

2013.4  “Portrait - Photo-Portrait・Paint-Portrait -” Exhibition at Fukuoka Art Space Baku

2014.12  “Forest of Life” Exhibition at Canon Gallery Ginza

2015.1   “Forest of Life” Exhibition at Canon Gallery Osaka

2015.2   “Forest of Life” Exhibition at Canon Gallery Fukuoka

2018.7   Manyoshu Photo Exhibition in Seoul - Tejon - Pusan, Korea

■ Group Exhibition

1989.7  “Photo Ten Persons” Exhibition at Kuso-no-Nori Museum in Art Festival Yufuin

2000.9  “Art Emulsion” Exhibition at Fuji Photo Salon Sapporo

2003.11  “Art Emulsion” Exhibition at International Design Center NAGOYA

2005.7  “Art Emulsion” Exhibition at Fuji Photo Salon Seoul

2006.7  Participated in “TerzoOcchio” Photo Exhibition in Bobbio, Italy.

2007.3 Sponsored “TerzoOcchio” Photo Exhibition at Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art.

2008.11  Sponsored “Photographers of the World in Tokyo” Exhibition at Fuji Photo Salon Tokyo.

2011.7  Participated in “TerzoOcchio” Photo Exhibition in Piacenza, Italy. 

■ Other Actions

Meeting to Grow the Asian Forest

1998 Afforestation in Luzon, Republic of the Philippines.

1999 Afforestation in Mindanao, Republic of the Philippines.

2001・2002 Afforestation in Borneo, Malaysia.

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