Posted : 2016.04.26

電子写真集『Doors-Italy』無料ダウンロードのお知らせ eBooks"Doors-Italy" Free download campaign

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現在、アルティザン ジャパネスクでの清永安雄の写真展「雨情」の開催を記念して、電子写真集「Doors-Italy」が4/29 (金)17時までkindleストアにて無料ダウンロードできます。まだご覧になっていない方は、ぜひこの機会にご覧ください。


We are running a free download campaign to celebrate for Yasuo Kiyonaga's photo exhibition of "sense of rain”. You can now download digital photo books "Doors-Italy” free at Kindle store until 17:00 April 29.Please take this opportunity and have a look.

Also, we are running a trial campaign of “B.B.Photography” which is a series of “Displayable photography books” It reduces the price of all & title of B.P.P. pieces to 3,500 yen. Why not take this opportunity to display some B.B.P pieces in your home?

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