Posted : 2016.05.05

青木弘 電子写真集『La Mojito』発売のお知らせ La Mojito has just came out in an e photo book.

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さて、このたびアルティザンジャパネスクで5/7(土)から開催される青木弘 写真展「La Mojito」が、電子写真集として発売されました。kindleストアにて販売しておりますので、ぜひ展示と合わせてご覧ください。

La Mojito ”原色のシャングリラー・キューバ” /  青木弘
主にアフリカや中東などの紛争地を中心に活動を続けている写真家 青木弘が、新たな地として選んだのは、カリブ海に浮かぶ島「キューバ」。感情も色彩も匂いも華やかに溢れているこの島で出会った古き良き原風景を収録。カラーよりもっと自由なそのモノクロ写真から、人それぞれの色彩や情景を想像してほしい。





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We announce that “La Mojito,” photo exhibition of Hiroshi Aoki which is held at Artisan Japanese from Sat., May 7 2016, has just came out  in an e-photo book and apppeared on Kindle store now. Please enjoy the exhibition and the e photo book together.

La Mojito  /Hiroshi Aoki

Aoki, a photographer who focuses on taking photographs in disputed areas such as Africa and Middle East. At this time he explored a new venue, Cuba, a floating island on Caribbean Sea. The original scenery of good old-fashioned Cuba is overflowing with vividly colors, wonderful smells and powerful feelings. In comparison to vividly colored photographs, monochrome photographs leave more imaginations to the audience on how the actual colors and sceneries should look like.

Anyway, Cuba is noisy.
And the colors, the smells and the emotions are overflowing vividly.

There is the scenery I see suddenly when I walk in the hustle and bustle street of Cuba.
It is not “to see it”. It jumps into the back of my eyelids like flashback.
At the moment, though the surroundings are so noisy, all sounds and colors disappear in my finder.
Then good old Cuban original scenery appears there. “Excerpt from the preface”

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