Posted : 2017.03.03

皆さん「Artsy」ってご存知ですか? Artisan has just became a partner “with Artsy”

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Thank you for visiting website of Photo Gallery Artisan.

Excuse me, let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard "Artsy" before?

This is a platform that made it possible to see works online at some of the world's leading galleries and art museums, and about 2 million people from 190 countries come to see this site every month.

You can see all kind of artworks but also famous photograph works and art informations such as art shows and exhibition of the world. By following your favorite artists and galleries on Artsy, they will inform you when it is updated.

You can also purchase by contacting galleries directly and on auctions in the site.

Artisan has just became a partner “with Artsy” so please take a look the inside.

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