Posted : 2016.03.19

「B.B.Photography」新作発売とトライアルキャンペーンのお知らせ Notice of newly released “B.B.Photography” and trial campaign

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作品をお気に入りのフレームに収めて飾ったり、マット紙を上に重ねれば、 箱をフレーム代わりにそのまま棚の上などに飾ることできます。



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At last, it’s getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are blooming. It is the ideal season for taking a leisurely stroll.

Three new photography books, "where time remains", "Sense of rain", and "indulgence in the autumn", have been released from “B.B.Photography,” which is a series of “Displayable photography books” that ARTisan highly recommends.

“B.B.Photography” is a series of photography books with a concept of making photographs seem closer and that are easier to display. It consists of 22 pieces of work printed on book paper, a cover, an index and mat boards or mounts, which all come in a display case.

Your favorite work can be displayed in a frame or just displayed on a shelf by putting the work on a mat board, using the box as a substitute for a frame.

Also, we are running a trial campaign to reduce the price of all B.P.P. pieces to 3,500 yen.

Why not take this opportunity to display some B.B.P pieces in your home?

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