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加藤文彦 写真展「GIFTS OF MAY」 Fumihiko Kato “GIFTS OF MAY”

© Fumihiko Kato
ジャパネスク 1F展示室「雪」「月」
Exhibition Schedule
From Mon., May 15 2017-Sun.,May 28 2017 ※open everyday
Artisan Japanesque 1F ”Yuki”& "Tsuki"
11:00~18:30(Lastday18:00)/No Admission charge
Fumihiko Kato

写真は、一枚の平面だが、何でも吸収する無限に広い空間のようなところがある。見る人の数だけ思いが積み重なり、家のようになる。すべての人の重みに耐える床のように、軽くて強い写真を皆さんに見て頂くのがわたしの夢だ。 今回の写真展は、葵祭と時を同じくして、夢のような新しい写真美術館の力もお借りして、五月の賜物、五月生まれのイメージたち、木や花や虫や水や岩などに集合をかけて、軽くて強い写真の夢に向かって一歩踏み出したいと思っている。

加藤文彦/Fumihiko Kato 1947年神戸市生まれ。大阪府在住。京都女子大学名誉教授。英国王立写真協会会員。2012年3月まで英米文学、文芸作映画とイギリス19世紀絵画の研究・教育に従事するかたわら、30年前より、イタリアの古都ラヴェンナに残るビザンツ様式建造物群を皮切りに、ヨーロッパ各地の古建築を撮影してきた。
2014年 個展『石の叫び―北方ロマネスク/ゴシック写真展』(大阪梅田・茶屋町画廊)
2016年 個展『石の歓びII―ロマネスクもゴシックも』(名古屋・HCLフォトギャラリー名古屋)
2016芦屋写真展Road to Paris入選;第14回日本写真作家協会公募展入選
Facebook:Fumihiko Kato, “Beautiful Shapes, Beautiful Moments”

May’s Gift of Images

Flowers, birds, water, light, trees and rocks even―those resources of joy to us are reborn when spread wide as images.
Images are transmitted to the viewers. Being observed, images are given new lives and new habitats inside the beholders, as if by a flourish of the magic wand. A photograph is just a flat surface, but it also resembles an infinite space in that it can absorb anything. So many viewers, so many minds―they come on top of a flat surface of a picture one after another until it becomes a house full of people, as it were.
My dream is to come up with photos that are light but tough enough like the floor that sustains the heavy weight of all folks.
Timed in the season of Aoi Festival, one of Kyoto’s three great annual festivals, the show of my May images, these gifts of May, consisting of those of trees and flowers, insects, and rocks in water is intended to project my dream of light but tough photographs onto the ideal backdrop of the new Kyoto Museum of Photography.

[ Short Biography of the Photographer ]
Fumihiko Kato

Born in Kobe in 1947, Dr. Fumihiko Kato was educated/trained in various disciplines of economics, theology and English in Japan, USA, and UK, and read English, Film Studies & Western Art at a university in Kyoto until March 2012 when he left the academic world to become a freelance photographer. Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Women’s University since June 2012.
Member of The Royal Photographic Society, he has mounted solo-exhibitions as follows:
Scream of Stone―Northern Romanesque +Gothic (Osaka, June 2014)
The Pleasure of Stone―Afterglow― (Kyoto, November 2014)
Design of Stone―The Symphony of Form and Color― (Tokyo, May 2015)
The Pleasure of Stone II―Romanesque & Gothic― (Nagoya, Sept.-Oct. 2016).
The Pleasure of Stone―Across the Distance of a Millennium―(Kyoto, Oct.-Nov. 2016)
In 2016 his work Effortless-ly (2015) was selected for the 14th Exhibition of JPA at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum which traveled to Osaka and three other cities in 2017; also six works of his were chosen for The 2016 Ashiya Photo Exhibition—Road to Paris—at Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum.
Other publications include: Design of Stone―A Photo-book (2015:Osaka, Horiuchi Color);
Aspects of Intertextuality―“ Always Already” in Pater, Wilde, Yeats, and Eliot (2000: Tokyo, Kokusho Kankokai)
Web Page:
Facebook:Fumihiko Kato, “Beautiful Shapes, Beautiful Moments”

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