Posted : 2015.05.20

清永安雄 写真集『日本人の道具』が発売。 A photo book “Japanese Tools” of Yasuo Kiyonaga has just published.

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このたび、清永安雄 写真集『日本人の道具』が5月22日に発売されましたので、お知らせいたします。

日本人の道具 清永安雄/撮影





A photo book “Japanese Tools” of Yasuo Kiyonaga has just published.

Thank you for always visiting website of Photo Gallery Artisan. We announce that Yasuo Kiyonaga’s latest photo book, “Japanese Tools” has just appeared on May 22.

A photo book “Japanese Tools” Shooted by Yasuo Kiyonaga

55 Japanese tools captured by a photographer who is fascinated in their simple forms and beautilities with a high-definition camera.
This is an introduction of different genre of Japanese tool such as farm tools, furniture and housewares from the Edo era to the early Showa era.
A valuable photo collection of fading Japanese culture!

As for tools used for long with hands, legs and waist, even a few millimeters long bend seems to be a huge influence on the usability.
A lot of tools told me so.
Slight bends and small patches of fading color, conjuring the image of tools’ historical trail, and with craftsmanship, I see the beauty in them.

Extract from afterword

It will be available at bookstores all over Japan and online bookstores, so please do have a look. We have been holding a commemorative photo exhibition, so please enjoy it together.

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