Posted : 2016.08.10

清永安雄 写真展「真田六文銭」 Yasuo Kiyonaga “Sanada Rokumonsen (the Sanada clan kamon) Travel Photo,”

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京都桂病院にて、昨年の「美しい日本のふるさと」展に続き、このたび2度目の展示をさせて頂くことになりました。 私たちは「温もりのある写真」を院内に展示することで、少しでも人に安らぎを与え、笑顔にさせることができるのではないかと考えております。



会期:2016年7月27日(水)〜9月30日(金) ※無休
場所:京都桂病院 A棟ギャラリーにて

“Sanada Rokumonsen (the Sanada clan kamon) Travel Photo,” a photo exhibition of Yasuo Kiyonaga is held at gallery of Kyoto Katsura Hospital Building A.

This is second time, we have the pleasure of exhibiting externally by the courtesy of the Kyoto Katsura Hospital. We believe that make people feel calm and smile by displaying the heartwarming photographs in the hospital even if only slightly.

This exhibition displays photos taken in Nagano, Gunma, Wakayama and Osaka during the travel to follow the footsteps of Sanada Yukimura, one of the most popular Samurai in Sengoku period, and the Sanada clan. We will introduce his success and the areas in question with beautiful scenery photos, and exhibit photos of historic sites associated with him with captions.

There are various elements of composition in photography such as framing, pixel resolution etc.
I think the essence of photography is how to present the “image” to audience.

Please stop by if you come to Katsura area.

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