Posted : 2017.02.27

2017年4月1日、京都写真美術館®️京都・神宮道三条にオープン! On April 1, 2017, "Kyoto Museum of Photography" ®️ will open near Heian Shrine in Kyoto!

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2017 年4 月1 日に「京都写真美術館」が京都市東山区にオープンします。 京都写真美術館では写真を鑑賞・コレクションする喜びを、日本全 国にご提案いたします。また、フォトギャラリーの運営をはじめ、WEBも同時にオープンします。

京都写真美術館® の主な取り組み



(3)京都写真美術館は4 つのギャラリーを運営します。京都写真美術館内に3 つ、また東京・表参道に1 つのギャラリーを運営します。

〒605-0038 京都市東山区堀池町374-2

京都写真美術館 本部オフィス
〒112-0011 東京都文京区千石4-39-17

"Kyoto Museum of Photography" will open in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City on April 1, 2017. At the Kyoto Museum of Photography, we propose the pleasure of viewing and collecting photographs to all over Japan. In addition, we will operate gallery spaces and also open a website at the same time.

Main Actions of Kyoto Museum of Photography

(1)As a digital archive, we will archive and exhibit all works and information of nationwide photo exhibitions on the website of "Kyoto Museum of Photography”. You can see the photo exhibition on the website anytime, from anywhere.

(2)In order for the archived works to be collected as a collection by photo lovers, we will sell it as "a piece of photograph" with the Kyoto Museum of Photography sign.

(3)The Kyoto Museum of Photography operates four galleries. We will manage three galleries in the Kyoto Museum of Photography and one gallery in Omotesando,Tokyo.

Kyoto Museum of Photography
374-2 Horiikei-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0038

Kyoto Museum of Photography Head Office
4-39-17 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0011

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