Posted : 2016.05.05

青木弘 写真展「La Mojito」 Hiroshi Aoki “La Mojito”

© Hiroshi Aoki
京都 2016年5月7日(土)~ 5月21日(土) ※無休
東京 2016年5月30日(月)~ 6月4日(土) ※日・祝日休
アルティザン ジャパネスク2Fにて
Artisan TOKYOにて
京都 11:00~18:30/入場無料
東京 11:00~19:00/入場無料
Exhibition Schedule
At Kyoto From Sat., May 7 2016-Sat.,May 21 2016 ※Open everyday
At Tokyo From Mon., May 30 2016-Sat., June 4 2016 ※Closed on Sundays and national holidays.
Artisan Japanesque 2F
Artisan TOKYO
Kyoto 11:00~18:30/No Admission charge
Tokyo 11:00~19:00/No Admission charge
Hiroshi Aoki

アルティザンTOKYO・ジャパネスクの両店で、青木弘 写真展「La Mojito」を開催いたします。京都のジャパネスクでは、2016年5月7日(土)から5月21日(土)まで、東京では、5月30日(月)から6月4日(土)まで開催いたします。

本展では、普段紛争地を中心に活動を続けている写真家 青木弘が、新たな地として選んだキューバで撮影したモノクロ作品を展示します。

La Mojito





青木弘/Hiroshi Aoki

2007年、コニカミノルタプラザにて「BORN UNDER FIRE -戦火の子どもたち-」を開催。同年、さがみはら写真新人奨励賞受賞。2012年、新宿・大阪ニコンサロンにて「ARAB SPRING ~アラブの春 リビア革命~」を開催。同年、写真集「HEAL AFRICA」(冬青社)を出版。清里フォトアートミュージアム(山梨県)に作品所蔵。

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“La Mojito,” photo exhibition of Hiroshi Aoki is held at both Artisan TOKYO and Artisan Japanesque. It is held from sat.,May. 7 thru Sat.,May. 21in Kyoto, and from Mon.,May. 30 thru Sat.,June. 4 in Tokyo.

In this exhibition, the photographer Hiroshi Aoki who have mostly shoot in the conflict areas, will display a black-and-white works taken in Cuba where is chosen as a new land.

La Mojito

Anyway, Cuba is noisy.
And the color, smells the emotions overflow vividly.

There is the scenery I see suddenly when I walk in the hustle and bustle of Cuba.
It is not "to see it". It jumps into eyelids like flashback.
Although the moment, the rotation are noisy there is neither the sound nor the color in the finder.
Good old Cuban original scenery appears here.

【Artist Profile】
Hiroshi Aoki

Born in 1976. Studied under photographer Yoshio Takemasa. After studying abroad in England, he started his career as a freelance photographer from 2002. Aoki currently keeps taking a photo focusing on the area in a conflict in Middle East and Africa. In 2007, solo exhibition “BORN UNDER FIRE —Children in War” was held at Konica Minolta Plaza. On the same year, he won the prize for newcomer of Photo City Sagamihara award. In 2012, Aoki held the exhibition “ARAB SPRING —Spring of Arab, Libyan Revolution” at Nikon Salon both in Shinjuku and Osaka, and published his first photo collection ”HEAL AFRICA” (TOSEI publishing.) Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Yamanashi, Japan) possesses Aoki’s works as its house collection.

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