Posted : 2018.02.14

大川麻理 写真展「まりりん❤わーるど 私の中のメモリアル」 Mari Okawa“The World of Maririn❤ -Memorial of My Mind-”

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京都写真美術館 ギャラリー・ジャパネスクでは1階展示室「月」にて大川麻理 写真展『まりりん❤わーるど 私の中のメモリアル』を4月3日(火)から4月9日(月)まで開催いたします。



大川 麻理/Mari Okawa

2007年 千葉県民写真展 優秀賞
2012年 千葉県民写真展 朝日新聞社賞
2012年 浦安市美展 教育委員会賞
2017年 朔日会美術展 佳作

Mari Okawa's photo exhibition “The World of Maririn❤ -Memorial of My Mind-” is held at Kyoto Museum of Photography Gallery Japanesque 1F“Tsuki” From Tue., April 3 to Mon., April 9 2018.

Welcome to “the World of Maririn”!!
Maririn loves taking portraits!! I takes photographs to express pleasure, sadness, gladness, painful, tension, etc…
This time, I exhibit my artworks of the ballet’s backstage, Maiko and Geiko. These artworks capture various facial expressions and inner feelings of persons!!
Maririn will be happiest if you find at least one favorite artwork!!

Artist Profile

Mari Okawa 

Born in Osaka, Japan

Member of The ALL-Japan Association of Photographic Societies (AJAPS)

Award History
A prize at the photo contest in Chiba, in 2007
An award of Asahi Shimbun Company at the photo contest in Chiba, in 2012
An award of Educational Committee at the art contest in Urayasu, in 2012
Selected as a fine work at the art contest of SAKUJITSU ARTISTS ASSOCIATION, 2017
She won 15 other awards in total.
She held group exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Korea, and so on.

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