Posted : 2018.02.25

アルティザンTOKYO 移転のお知らせ Notice of Artisan TOKYO moving

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いつも、京都写真美術館 フォトギャラリー・アルティザンのウェブをご覧いただきありがとうございます。

昨年より京都写真美術館の展示スペースとして運営してまいりましたギャラリー・アルテイザンTOKYOですが、この度、京都写真美術館 本部オフィスと同ビル内へ移転する運びとなりました。また移転に伴い、ギャラリーは完全予約制のプライベートな空間へと生まれ変わります。法人営業部も設立され、契約作家の常設展示を主として運営いたします。


【新住所】〒112-0011 東京都文京区千石4-39-17 8F

【新営業時間】 平日月曜日から金曜日 11時から17時まで 祝日休み

Thank you for visiting website of Gallery Artisan and Jpanesque.

Gallery Artisan TOKYO has been operating as the exhibition space of Kyoto Museum of Photography since last year, but this time it has been decided to move to the same building as the front office of the Kyoto Museum of Photography. In conjunction with the relocation, the gallery will be reborn into a private space that requires reservation. The corporate sales department is also established and mainly manages the permanent exhibition of our representing photographers.

We apologize for being suddenly informed this time and appreciate for your patronage since moving from Komagome to Omotesando in 2014. We appreciate your continued support as always. Furthermore, sales at the current address will be scheduled for February 27 (Tuesday), and sales at the new address will be in the middle of April.

【New address】 〒112-0011 4-39-17 8floor, Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
【New Telephone Number】 03-5395-5315
【New Mail Address】
【New opening hours】 Weekdays Monday through Friday from 11 am to 17 pm closed on holidays

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