Posted : 2014.06.09

フォトギャラリー・アルティザン サイトリニューアルのお知らせ Redesign of the Photo Gallery Artisan website

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定期的に新作の入荷も予定しております。 今後ともフォトギャラリー・アルティザンを、何卒よろしくお願いします。

Thank you very much for your patronage of Photo Gallery Artisan. We are pleased to announce the redesign of our website. It is now also accessible from smartphones.

We increased the number of photographs at our online store along with this redesign and also started the sale of the series of photographs that were previously only available at our actual shop.

Working with the hope that “wanting to establish photography as part of the culture of the lives of people to a greater extent,” we want to provide various services through this website so that people feel more familiar with photography.

If you want to see the actual photographs at our shop, please feel free to inquire at our gallery. We will prepare actual products on your request. We are not making preparations for all photographs so we recommend making an inquiry in advance.

New photographs regularly arrive, so please check our site for updates. Our desire is that we could be of some help in your life with photography.

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