Posted : 2014.10.30

清永安雄 写真集『早稲田グラフィティ』が発売されました。 A photo book “Waseda Graffiti” of Yasuo Kiyonaga has just published.

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このたび、清永安雄 写真集『早稲田グラフィティ』が10月25日に発売されましたので、お知らせいたします。



20,000点以上撮影された写真から選びに選んだ約400点が収録されています。 平成の学生たちの目、表情、そして大学のエネルギーと空気感が収められたこの写真集は見応え十分です! 全国の書店およびオンライン書店にて発売中です。ぜひ一度お手に取ってご覧ください。

A photo book “Waseda Graffiti” of Yasuo Kiyonaga has just published.

Thank you for always visiting website of Photo Gallery Artisan. We announce that Yasuo Kiyonaga’s latest photo book, “Waseda Graffiti” has just appeared on October 25.

Waseda Graffiti

He performed over one year of shooting at Waseda university with the full cooperation of the Univ. On the campus, at the class, at the club, at the ceremony, at Waseda Festival and etc.... It contains about 400 photographs that capture the energy of students of Waseda today. It has been 77 years since Ken Domon took photograph of Waseda first. Yasuo Kiyonaga, who was fascinated by Waseda shot it what it is today.

It contains about 400 photographs that are carefully selected from more than 20,000 photos. The photo book contains a fascinating portrait of Waseda, that is full of energy and atmosphere and shining eyes, expressions of the university today.
It is available at bookstores all over Japan and online bookstores, so please do have a look. We are planning to hold an exhibition, so please look forward to it.

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