Posted : 2016.07.02

久保伸太郎 写真展「写真はイメージです」展 Shintaro Kubo "Photos are just images"

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2016年7月4日(月)~7月18日(月・祝) ※無休
アルティザン ジャパネスク2F
Exhibition Schedule
From Mon., July 4 2016-Mon.,July 18 2016 ※open everyday
Artisan Japanesque 2F
11:00~18:30(Lastday18:00)/No Admission charge
Shintaro Kubo

アルティザンジャパネスク2階にて、久保伸太郎 「写真はイメージです」展を開催いたします。

食品などに、きれいに盛り付けられた写真があり、その隅に小さく「写真はイメージです」と、よく書かれています。残念なことに、実物が写真より良かった試しは皆無です。 しかしながら、それは消費者も経験から、よくわかっています。
私はここで、あえて「写真はイメージです」と言いたいです。 写真は、その構成がどうであるとか、画素がどうであるとか、いろいろありますが、本当の本当は、「観るもの」の「イメージ」にいかに訴えられるかということだと思います。

1980年 静岡県生まれ


Shintaro Kubo photography exhibition “Photos are just images”will be held on the second floor of Artisan Japanesque.

Perhaps you can often see that some photographs of food are always with a small notice below the photo, it was written, “The photo is for illustrative purpose only.”
Unfortunately, the actual outcome of the subject would never be the same as the photo.
However, the consumers notice this fact very well.

So, why they purchase the product is because the “image” that they saw from the photo has ran through their mind and it gave them an illusion of how amazing the product look like.
Once again, “Photos are just images!”

There are various elements of composition in photography such as framing, pixel resolution etc.
I think the essence of photography is how to present the “image” to audience.

I do write, not only taking photos. In this exhibition, I am highly relying on “image” as content, also a big part of “imagination.”
Have you ever heard of “Snap Judgments?” It means people sometimes make up their minds before seeking out the facts. I hope all my guests will try to think deeper, imagine over and over again and not judging by one glance at the external appearance.
Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the exhibition.

Artist Profile
Shintaro Kubo
Born in 1980,Shizuoka

Kuwasawa Design School graduate
IAMAS dropouts

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