Posted : 2016.03.07

写真イベント「PHOTO SQUARE 新風館」に参加しています joining in a photo events ”PHOTO SQUARE Shinpukan”

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さて、現在アルティザンでは、京都で3/4(金)から3/21(月)まで開催される写真イベント「PHOTO SQUARE 新風館」に参加しています。




It' is now getting warm and makes us feel spring is just around the corner.

We are joining in a photo events being held in Kyoto from Friday, Mar, 4 to Monday Mar, 21 ”PHOTO SQUARE Shinpukan” right now.

In this event, you can find many photography works that selected by galleries, photo books of publishers, and also mechanical classic camera being sold in the flea market so that you can enjoy comprehensively in a variety of the perspectives .

We just put our new B.B.Photography and photo books in the bookmarket.

Please come by and enjoy the event.

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