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加藤文彦 写真展「石の歓び―千年の時をこえて―」 Fumihiko Kato “The Pleasure of Stone―Across the Distance of a Millennium―”

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2016年10月23日(日)~11月6日(日) ※無休
アルティザン ジャパネスク2F
Exhibition Schedule
From Sun., October 23 2016-Sun.,November 6 2016 ※open everyday
Photo Gallery Artisan Japanesque 2F
11:00~18:30(Lastday18:00)/No Admission charge
Fumihiko Kato

フォトギャラリー・アルティザン ジャパネスク2階にて、加藤文彦「石の歓び―千年の時をこえて―」を開催いたします。


今回、京都・岡崎の地にある日本の伝統的な木造建築を活かした写真専門ギャラリーの木の柱や梁、そして土壁に囲まれたタイムカプセルのような二階空間で、石のぬくもりを―冷たさや硬さとは違う石の生命を―1000年以上の時をこえて感じとっていただければ嬉しくおもいます。 カラー作品全22点を展示いたします。うち1点は例外的に古城をモチーフにしております。


加藤文彦/Fumihiko Kato

1947年神戸市生まれ。大阪府在住。京都女子大学名誉教授。英国王立写真協会会員。 2012年3月まで英米文学、文芸作映画とイギリス19世紀絵画の研究・教育に従事するかたわら、30年前より、イタリアの古都ラヴェンナに残るビザンツ様式建造物群を皮切りに、ヨーロッパ各地の古建築を撮影してきた。

2014年 個展『石の叫び―北方ロマネスク/ゴシック写真展』(大阪梅田・茶屋町画廊)
2015年 個展『石のデザイン―形と色の交響』(東京新宿御苑前・アイデムフォトギャラリー「シリウス」)
2016年 個展『石の歓びII―ロマネスクもゴシックも』(名古屋・HCLフォトギャラリー名古屋)
2016芦屋写真展―Road to Paris―入選;第14回日本写真作家協会公募展入選

Facebookページ:Fumihiko Kato, “Beautiful Shapes, Beautiful Moments”

The Romanesque Stone in a Traditional Wooden House of Kyoto.

The medieval churches and castles in Europe are full of captivating glamour for the modern sensibility. Passing through Normandy in 1986, the Japanese photographer who had been a life-long lover of wooden buildings, encountered a well-kept ruin of a monastery dating back to 1067, a year after the Norman Conquest. Immediately he was hooked by the majestic beauty of the Norman-Romanesque architecture. Ever since then, he has been deepening the excitement and affection he felt then, visiting various stone buildings in Italy, France, England and Scotland, all built between the 5th and the 15th centuries.

The Photo Gallery ARTisan Japanesque in Kyoto is housed in a refurbished traditional Japanese house in which the patrons are kindly invited to enjoy the “warm” feel of the stone as if they reopen a time capsule made of wood and clay. Hopefully, then, the lasting life of stone reaches them across the space of a millennium or more. Out of the twenty-two full-color works on show this time, only one depicts an ancient castle.

【Artist Profile】

Fumihiko Kato

Born in Kobe in 1947, Dr. Fumihiko Kato was educated/trained in various disciplines of economics, theology and English in Japan, USA, and UK, and read English, Film Studies & Western Art at a university in Kyoto until March 2012 when he left the academic world to become a freelance photographer. Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Women’s University since June 2012. Member of The Royal Photographic Society, he has mounted solo-exhibitions as follows:
Scream of Stone―A Photo-Exhibition of Northern Romanesque +Gothic (Osaka, June 2014)
The Pleasure of Stone―Afterglow― (Kyoto, November 2014)
Design of Stone―The Symphony of Form and Color― (Tokyo, May 2015)
The Pleasure of Stone II―Romanesque together with Gothic― (Nagoya, Sept.-Oct. 2016).

Also his works have been selected for this year’s 14th Exhibition of JPA at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum which travels to Osaka, etc. next year; and for The 2016 Ashiya Photo Exhibition—Road to Paris—at Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum.

Facebook:Fumihiko Kato, “Beautiful Shapes, Beautiful Moments”

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