Posted : 2017.06.05

西田茂雄「木偶の面魂」が“Artsy"ページに追加 Shigeo Nishida "Awa Puppet Theater"has just added to our "Artsy" page.

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朝日新聞四国版に作家・早坂暁氏と2年半にわたり「四国往還記」を連載し注目を浴びる。 1993年「阿波の農村舞台」で徳島県出版文化賞受賞。 2013年幅広い写真活動が認められ、とくしま芸術文化賞受賞。

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We announce that we added "Awa Puppet Theater” photographic work by Shigeo Nishida who has continues to take pictures with the theme of hometown · Tokushima on "Artsy" participating as a partner gallery.

"Awa Puppet Theater” that has been handed down as a local performing art from around the middle of the Edo period in Tokushima. This is a series taken in various situations using the "head" of the doll used in the Ningyou Jyoruri.By photographing in nature, he captured the expression of a doll different from the stage and discovered the charm of a new traditional culture.

We have added new works regularly, please have a look and enjoy.

Shigeo Nishida
Born in Tokushima, Japan, in 1950.
Member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)
Come to the forefront by serialization an article “Shikoku Oukan-ki” in Asahi Shimbun with Mr. Akira Hayasaka for two and a half years. In 1993, he won the Tokushima Prefectural Publishing Culture Award in his book "Awa no Nouson Butai”. In 2013, his wide range of photography activities were awarded the Tokushima Arts and Culture Prize.
His main books are “ Awa no tsuradamashii”, “Chyugoku Kannonreijou Jyunrei no Tabi” and more.

Our Artsy Page

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